New Beginnings

Several years ago I was part of a blog. We would make random posts about our lives, and things that where on our mind. We tried desperately to make the highest quality videos with super awesome effects. Turns out we generally lacked the commitment to get things done on a regular basis and most of us bloggers fell off after less than a year. I think that one of our underlying problems was this somewhat unsaid belief that we would be the next big thing on the internet. From the get go, this was a problem. If there’s one thing I can say I’ve learned over just this last year, its that your reason why, makes or breaks everything. When we weren’t getting instant validation, when our subscriber count didn’t budge I lost interest. What was the point of all this effort if we weren’t growing? This was a poor reason to have a blog and YouTube channel.


This blog for me is no longer about internet fame, its no longer about subscribers. This time its about documenting my life, its about improving my ability to write, having discussions with my fellow blogger about topics we find interesting, and maybe the occasional video or podcast. At the end of the day, this blog is pointless if its not fun.

Have a good one,

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