My First One

The Old Blog. The memories. For the record we were famous. There were people all over Northern Ontario that knew about us, we blew up for like a month. Sure, we weren’t committed and we weren’t posting anything regularly and that was our ultimate demise, but it was a lot of fun.

 I’ll concede that the only reason I did it was because of the “unsaid belief that we would be the next big thing on the internet”. Which really is a bad motivator for anything on the internet, since the chances of that actually happen are slim, especially if you try to make family friendly content. They were good memories though.

Moving forward, as Ben mentioned, I just want to use this as a place to post about random stuff. No format, no guidelines, just content. What we want to post, when we want to post it. My goal is to post weekly, that means at the end of the year I am hoping to have made at least 52 post. Ben, you said this blog was pointless. I disagree. Sure there is no main focus. But the point is personal growth.(Wow, I sound like a motivational speaker)

Nolan Out!


P.S. I am assigning homework for your next post, Ben: Find you favorite post from the r/thalassophobia subreddit, also explain what “thalassophobia” is.



One thought on “My First One

  1. I would just like to clarify that I said ” this blog would be pointless if it wasn’t fun” not that it was pointless altogether.

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