Off to a Running Start

If there’s one thing I have always hated its cardio. It seems like it never ends, its boring, and your chest hurts. I would avoid all running like the plague, choosing instead to stay in the weight racks. While this is still great exercise and increased my muscle mass, there was something missing, something that I used to have when I kick boxed 5 days a week. That something was copious amounts of energy. I would wake up full of energy and maintain it for the majority of the day. Well ever since I quite kick boxing some 7 years ago my cardio has been severely lacking and I have missed that level of energy ever since. I decided to give cardio another shot, but with a different approach, my normal approach to cardio has been to start out a really good pace, burn out in 5 minutes and then heave my way through the rest of the workout. I would often work hard enough to make myself nauseous and lightheaded, at that point my workout was over (for fear of passing out). After a couple bouts of that I would give up on cardio and return to my friends the dumbbells and barbells. I knew that if I wanted to get back into good cardio shape something had to change.

My approach this time has been to start my runs at a measured and very easy pace. At first I feel liking I’m holding back, but after about the first km I start to hit my stride. Not only have I been avoiding feeling light headed and nauseous, I’ve also been able to run for a considerably longer amount of time.I’m starting my workouts with 5k runs, I did 3 last week and 1 this morning. By running with a running app I’ve been able to measure my speed over the average kilometer, its been a good way to keep pace and also see my improvements. Since last week I’ve already shaved my overall time down from 38 minutes to just under 33. But the biggest thing that I never thought I would ever say, is that I’m already hooked! I get in a rhythm while I’m running, its a great time to think and just blow off some steam. I’ve also stopped listening to my normal pump type music while running, this type of music really makes me push myself too hard too quickly. I’ve switched to a much more relaxed rhythmic music, I’m not actually sure what the genre is…kinda like trance but not quite? Anyway, I’m aiming to get my times down under 6 minute kilometers at which point I’ll start upping my distance. My goal is to do 10k a day 4-5 days a week by spring of 2019.


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