Are you a morning person or a night owl? Has it changed for you at some point in your life? For the majority of my life I can honestly say I was a night owl who wished they where a morning person. I think there is something inherently amazing about getting up early, I struggle with it most mornings and if I ever get out of a routine I quickly fall back into late nights and later mornings. But I think that may be part of whats so amazing about getting up early, you have already accomplished something in the day. You have pushed yourself to get out of bed, by not hitting the snooze button 5 times you have accomplished something, it might feel small, but I promise its not. I feel personally that this sets me up for the rest of the day to be far more productive. As you may have guessed I’ve started into an early routine. Starting this morning routine can largely be attributed to the fact that Adelle starts work at 4 A.M.. Because she gets up earlier, I figured it was time for me to jump back on the early morning train. While I aim to be up at 6 and not 4, it still makes more time for Adelle and I in the evening. I can make sure things that need to be done, are done before I get home in the evening.

Now I like to perform little experiments on my life, and by that I mean try something new and see how it effects my mood, productivity, quality of life, etc. Getting up early is no different. So far mornings have been proving very beneficial. Currently I’ve been starting every week day with some sort of exercise, whether its going to the gym at 6:15 with fellow blogger and heavy lifter Nolan, or going for a run. I’ll usually finish my workout and shower by 7:30, coffee and breakfast are done by 8:30. The extraordinary thing is that 8:30 is when I used to role out of bed. Now instead of showing up for work at 9:30 with a large coffee and yawning, I show up full of energy, and ready to see patients.

Now, I have to take a minute and be a little critical of a common comment I’ve heard about getting up early. That comment is, “why? Why would you do that to yourself? Why would you pull yourself out of bed to go sweat in a smelly gym, or run along the side of the road when its cold and the sun has barely come up?”. Now I have always held an immense respect for those who got up early of their own accord.  When I see someone get up 3 hours before work to go to the gym, to read their Bible and pray, or just to write in a blog, there’s something different. This person is starting the day on their own terms, when they wake up is not dictated by how close they can cut it before having to rush out the door with their coat half on because they are late for work (I speak from extensive experience). It’s also worth pointing out that early in the morning is also one of the only times that your schedule will remain largely unchanged. You won’t have 6 A.M. work meetings, an old friend is not asking to go for coffee at 6 A.M., and you aren’t being kept late at work. The morning is going to, in my opinion, always be the best time to develop routines and build.

That’s my very short thought on mornings and I’m gonna end this post with the question from Nolan’s first post that I never answered.


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here is my favorite post…his name is Bob

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Peace out my peeps

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